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About Braces at Rockhampton

Braces at Rockhampton: We pride ourselves in offering affordable care to all our patients,with our fees usually being below the national average.

We have a wonderful team who are dedicated to making your treatment an enjoyable experience. Our staff believes in establishing long-term relationship with our patients and working together to create great smiles!


Treatment Options

At Braces at Rockhampton, we offer a range of Orthodontic Treatment Options depending upon your preference, need and requirement of a particular option. Whether its standard metal braces you’re looking for or clear braces or Invisalign®, we have it all! We also issue mouth guards, retainers, and expanders.


How long will it take?

The length of treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Simple cases may take as little as 6 months, whereas more complicated ones can take as long as 30 months or more. With normal braces however, the average treatment time is 18 months.

Can I speed up treatment?

Yes. By maintaining excellent oral hygiene, wearing your elastics all the time as instructed, avoiding hard foods which can break brackets, and keeping all your scheduled appointments, you can speed up treatment by 2-3 months!

How often do I need to have my braces adjusted?

Appointment intervals are usually every 4-5 weeks initially and later 6 to 8 weeks. Each adjustment appointment is commonly a short 30-minute visit.

Do I have to pay for my treatment all at once?

No. We offer payment plans for all our patients so that you can comfortably spread your treatment fee over the duration of treatment. An initial deposit is paid when the braces are first fitted, then the remaining balance is paid in regular installments over the next 18-30 months.

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