Ceramic Braces

White braces are a popular choice amongst adults and those who want to
enjoy the benefit of inconspicuous and discreet treatment.

Ceramic braces are tooth-coloured in appearance and are therefore far less noticeable.

At Braces at Rockhampton we use 3 M Unitek Clarity™ Ceramic Brackets -the
best clear brackets on the market. These revolutionary brackets offer the
ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance to our patients. They are
predictable to use, strong, have enhanced comfort, and exhibit excellent

Also, smile all you want as there is no staining of brackets and they blend in
with your teeth.

Some advantages of our Clear Braces:
  • Translucent with brilliant aesthetics
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • High strength
  • Smooth design for a more comfortable fit
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Stain resistant
  • Small size
  • Reduced friction for quicker tooth movement