Your Appointments

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will be an initial consultation. This is free. It is basically a chat between you and our friendly dentist.

Tell us what you want improved with your smile! Our dentist will then have a look at your teeth and bite and provide an opinion as to your suitability and need for treatment. We will present you with all the treatment options so you can choose the right plan for yourself! Ask us any questions you might have and then when you’re ready, we’ll then book you in for your next appointment -congratulations!

Some patients have a thorough knowledge of braces beforehand, they can choose to have the records (diagnostics) done on the same day as initial consultation if time permits.


At this appointment we will gather all the information needed to formulate your treatment plan. We will take photos, moulds (dental impressions -don’t worry, we have excellent staff who specialize in this and will put you at complete ease during the 30 second impression process!), and send you off for x-rays.

Our 2-dimensional x-rays (OPG and Lateral Cephalogram) are taken at CQMI, Rockhampton Diagnostic Imaging. All 2 D x-rays are bulk billed with Dr. Sunita’s referral and we will electronically access them once completed for your convenience. The entire records appointment usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Case Presentation

After Dr. Sunita has studied your records carefully and formulated a plan (there is an immense amount of planning involved in orthodontics, and Dr. Sunita usually spends about an hour for each of her patients devising the different options and treatment plans), she will sit down with you and discuss your treatment options. Your photos, moulds, and x-rays will be presented on a computer screen so you understand exactly what’s going on in your mouth.

We will list all the problems and then reveal the plan to address these issues and get you a perfect smile! Please feel free to ask any questions as this appointment as it’s all about you! We will explain your braces options (metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign), the estimated treatment time, and costs.

Band up

If you’re ready, the braces will then go on! This is usually a 1.15hr appointment. There are no needles, and no drills! Lay back and Dr. Sunita will simply stick the braces on one-by-one using bracket placement pliers and glue. After all the braces are attached, we will then thread the wire through them and place coloured (or clear!) modules over them. The most important part of the procedure is the ‘band up talk’ at the end. Here, one of our friendly assistants will take you through brushing, eating, how to handle emergencies with your braces, managing discomfort after the appointment, and what the components of the braces are. We will also emphasize the importance of regular 6-month check-ups to keep your teeth clean and healthy during treatment!


Adjustment appointments are usually booked every 5-6 weeks. At these visits we will tighten your braces and replace your modules –so be ready to choose your colours! Sometimes the intervals between adjustment visits vary from 10 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the stage of treatment you are at. New wires are usually placed at adjustment visits -and progressing up wires is a good sign your treatment is going well! Don’t worry about discomfort at these visits -as Dr. Sunita says: “Getting braces on the first time is like new shoes, and adjustment visits thereafter are like tightening your laces!”.


Once we’ve achieved that perfect smile, you’re ready to have your braces off! At this appointment we simply click the brackets off one by one, and polish the glue off your teeth. Photos and moulds are then taken to record your beautiful result. During this appointment we will also glue in a custom made retainers behind your front teeth to prevent the tendency to relapse.

Retention Visits

We like to keep seeing our patients! So please return for your regular retainer maintenance visits so we can keep an eye on things post-braces. These is usually scheduled 6 weeks after your braces are removed, 6 months later, and 12 months after. After 12 months you graduate from the clinic and are free to enjoy your new smile! For more information on retainers please visit our retainers page.